Your Ideas

What matters to you?

I want to know!  More importantly, your friends and everyone watching Generacion Latina want to know your world.

Fashion| Cultura | Musica | Trends | Dating     High School drama| Poetry | Volunteerism   In-State Tuition for Immigrant Students….. Parental control | Scholarships | Traveling  College life | Internships | Gang life | Mentors  Speaking Spanglish | Career Options Technology  Facebook | Voting | Teenage pregnancy | AP & IB course load

…the list could go on and on. In the end, it comes down to YOU!

Que quieres que el mundo sepa de ti? Que quisieras compartir por television? Dejate oir.

Express yourself.

If you have ideas for Generacion Latina and would like to participate, e-mail me at or simply give us feedback in the box below!

Tus ideas valen mucho!  Compartelas aqui abajo o escribenos a


  1. I am looking for passionate Latinos who I have something to say!

    In the past year, American Latino Media, LLC has been working on a social and professional networking platform designed to meet the needs of the growing English speaking Hispanic American community in the United States.’s goal is to promote a positive US Hispanic image and educate the general public by highlighting Hispanic contributions to American society. In such process, aims to engage Hispanic Americans in meaningful dialogue to provide insight to the general public about the Hispanic experience in the United States. The site allows members to express opinions and offer an understanding of social, political and economic developments as they affect Americans of Hispanic or Latino origin.

    I am seeking aspiring and experienced contributors who would like to become part of our elite team of editorial writers. Please email me at if you are interested.

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