Posted by: Generación Latina | April 6, 2014

Cuban Author, Cyber-activist Reveals Reality of Cuban Youth


There is simply no better way to introduce our guest except through his Twitter handle @OLPL as that is how I met him and that is the medium through which his voice is heard across the world.

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo explained on Generacion Latina the reality of being a citizen journalist/blogger in today’s repressive Cuban regime calling it “paternalistic”. He described all the challenges Cubans face as they seek to join the digital age and access freedom of information.

Whether it is the high cost of internet access, the carefully-placed boundaries on professionals when navigating the internet, or living under constant surveillance, this interview gave us insight into the dark digital world in which Cubans live in and their urgent need for internet freedom.

Here are a few sites he shared during our time in the studio which many supporters and freedom of speech sympathizers will find useful:

His blog:

His photo blog with plenty of Venezuela protest photos:

And now, drum roll….


His new book: Cuban Splinters




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