Posted by: Generación Latina | September 16, 2011

[DREAM]ing [ACT]ivists

Posted by: Our own Karen V. | GL Intern

On Tuesday, I had the honor to be on Generacion Latina! We talked about Blake’s Fuego Latino, Hispanic College Fund’s Hispanic Youth Institue, and MCPS’ Student Emerging Leaders Program. Shortly, Roberto Juarez, key-leader of the MD Dream Act movement, came on the set to discuss the Dream Act. I urge all individuals and groups to sign up for the leadership training that will be taking place September 24th and 25th in Baltimore. The vibe that Carolina, Roberto and I created in the studio was BUENISIMA. I am super excited to be an intern and I promise to make myself available to any inquiries Generacion Latina’s followers may have.

For more information about this week’s topics, please visit:

Blake Fuego Latino  | Hispanic Youth Institute

Student Emerging Leaders Program (Montgomery County)

and of course…

Maryland DREAM Youth Committee

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