Posted by: Generación Latina | September 7, 2011

Calling all Latino Entrepreneurs to Inspire Latino Youth

I had the honor of receiving the Maryland Hispanic Business Conference’s Young Entrepreneur Award yesterday.
Que honor señores!!

From left: Jeyben Castro, recent guest on GL; J.R. Gonzales, mentor; Charles Vela, my boss; Marta Bohorquez, my amazing madre; Carolina Pena, GL Producer and Host; Lorna Virgili, MDHBC Immediate Past Chair; Jerry Godwin, 2011 Chair-MDHBC; Ezequiel Galeano, my best friend.

As I stood before a crowd of 700 plus attendees, one question came to my mind: What if each and every one of these business owners was investing in a young person, spurring them on towards high school or college graduation, and giving them exposure to career experiences?


I know that this is no small task!

So to all reading this, future mentors and youth alike, take a moment and think:

Young Latinos: Who do you know that is a professional, a college graduate, or has a career you are interested in? Ask for their business card and then FOLLOW UP!

Professionals: Who do you know that is working hard in school and could learn about what you do and how you came to do it? Give them your business card, please!

Now all it takes is reaching out. That doesn’t mean that the next student/professional you meet will be your mentee/mentor.

Students, your mentor has to choose you as much as you choose them.

Students: reach out and do it often, because you’ll meet and learn from many professionals along the way. Every opportunity you have to meet a professional is a door of opportunity. It is up to you to knock and see if it opens, even if it takes 20 tries! I believe there is a mentor for everyone.

If you have a mentor or mentee, we want to know: How did you meet them? What has your experience been like?


  1. que orgullo prima! congratulations! sigue dando el ejemplo

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