Posted by: Generación Latina | March 19, 2011

6th Annual Latin Dance Competicion

The energy, bulla, excitement and nervios could hardly be contained in the halls and auditorium of Dominion High School in Sterling, Virginia today.

Latin dance teams from Albert Einstein, Stonewall Jackson, Gaithersburg, Heritage, Gar-field Senior, Dominion, Seneca Valley, Watkins Mill, South Lakes, and Edison High School danced their hearts out while their friends, family and teachers cheered on for hours.

Memorable highlights…

  • Clarksburg and Einstein taking the Jack and Jill competition by storm
  • Dominion’s samba during the group competition
  • Einstein kicking it off with “Chan Chan” of Buena Vista Social Club and their confetti finale
  • South Lake’s sexy tango opening
  • Outstanding support from alumni and performances by Sterling Middle School and Harold singing “Nuestra Cultura”.

Congratulations to the winners!

Check out photos and videos of the competition on Generacion Latina – Facebook page and YouTube channel!

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