Posted by: Generación Latina | February 8, 2011

LOFT Seminar at Georgetown this Saturday!

Since I last worked for LOFT there has been a complete revamping of the entire institute.  Pa’lante mi gente!!

So here are the details…

LOFT Institute-Washington, D.C.

Leadership and Community Development Symposium

Georgetown University

Saturday, February 12th, 2011


About  the Community Development Symposium:

LOFT Institute members and interested emerging Latino leaders (young professionals and students) will dive into various topics including: leadership development, success and legacy, and the future of the Latino Community.

Deadline to apply: Wednesday February 9th, at 11:59pm.

Register TODAY via: and submit your resume to

More details regarding the content of the Symposium will be forthcoming upon confirmation of participant status.  Participants will be confirmed on Thursday morning, February 10th.

Leadership and Community Development Symposium

The objective of the Symposium is to encourage personal renewal and community development through purposeful leadership, idea generation, and relationship development.  The Symposium will consist of a series of collaborative leadership and personal development exercises and workshops.  Participation in the Symposium is by invitation only for non-members of the LOFT Institute.  The Symposium is free of charge to participate.


Welcome & Participant Introductions

Workshop I: Core Identity

Workshop II: Personal Development

Workshop III: Goal Setting

Workshop IV: Latino Community Facts Challenge

Workshop V: Public Speaking

Workshop VI: Resource Mapping

Speakers: Emanuel Pleitez, Johnny Madrid

*Food and refreshments provided.

LOFT Institute

The LOFT Institute is an initiative of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, which leverages the pipeline of the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards to systematically identify, prepare, place and position emerging Latino students and professionals for leadership in America.  LOFT Institute’s mission looks to reestablish the American workforce as a global competitor by investing in the Latino community through leadership development seminars, industry-tailored programs, internships, fellowships, full-time placement, networking events, mentoring, workforce training, resume building and interview preparation workshops.

Contact: Jessica Barajas via e-mail at or phone (323)506-9258

Register Here:


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