Posted by: Generación Latina | October 15, 2010

Senator Jonathan Jayes Green…to be!

I have never seen a young Latino under 20 as visible and applauded by elected officials as Jonathan Jayes Green. With only five years in the U.S., this young Panamanian, is going places! High places!

If you get a chance to watch him on Generacion Latina, I hope you see why he was deserving of the Hispanic Heritage Month Gala’s Poder Con Ganas award granted by the Maryland Democratic Club.

Felicidades Jonathan!!!

To find out more about the scholarships he mentioned during the interview, find who your state representative is via

And once you find out who are your three delegates and your state senator, you have to contact their office asking for the scholarship application. Here is the list of all Maryland reps and their contact information:

As if all he mentioned on Generacion Latina was not impressive enough, I thought I’d share his bio with you all:

Jonathan was born in Panama and moved to the US with his family about 5 years ago, and has recently graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in this year’s spring of 2010. Being the dedicated and scholarly achiever that he is, he was the recipient of the Congressman Van Hollen’s Public Service Award and because of his extensive community involvement, obtaining over 1,000 community service hours; the Wheaton and Kensington Chamber of Commerce’s Kennedy High School recognized him as community service student of the year. In further acknowledgment of his accomplishments, Jonathan interned for
Montgomery County Councilwoman Nancy Navarro, and has most recently worked as a volunteer with the Hans Reimer for County Council campaign along with helping Latino voters register with the Hispanic Democratic Club.

Jonathan was selected among hundreds of applicants to join the Montgomery Scholars Program at Montgomery College and is interested in pursuing a career in politics to continue serving his community. He currently interns for the Maryland Democratic Party’s Latino Leadership Council under the leadership of Jessy Mejia, and with his political involvement, it’s assured we’ll be hearing more from him!

By Carolina Pena & Kelly Ventura

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