Posted by: Generación Latina | August 16, 2010

“Dreamers” find a way

The student movement that is stirring up waves for the passing of the Dream Act is becoming loud and clear across the country as the immigration debate steams up again.  We’ve seen warriors out there like Trail of Dreams students who walked thousands of miles to get their voices heard. What are they after? What are we for?

a dream:: to pursue opportunities in the U.S.- a country they were brought to as minors without documents.

a dream:: scholarships, a college degree, a career, higher-paying jobs

a dream:: to live without fear of deportation

a dream:: to vote

a dream:: to join the military

a dream:: to belong

I have met countless of “Dreamers” who feel more American than many U.S.-born citizens because they came at elementary school-age and have embraced every core value of this great country to become 18 and realize that their reality on paper stifles their pursuit of their dreams as professionals and active members in our community.  While most have remained in the dark, a number of courageous individuals have made their voices reach Capitol Hill and I am personally convinced that if we do not give up, if we continue writing to our congressional representatives, demonstrating on the halls of legislative leaders, and calling on the support of the media and our communities involving people of all colors, ethnicity, religions and educational levels, we will see this legislation pass.

In the meantime, as students continue to overcome obstacles, keep yours heads held high with the hope that in some parts of the country, your dreams are becoming realities.

Last week, Daniel Sarmiento shared this important set of links to scholarships you can apply for: –Courtesy of the Hispanic Youth Institute.

Wondering which states are friendly to undocumented students pursuing higher education? Click on the image below to enlarge:


If you are wondering what you can do now to help our country before we loose human capital in the thousands by keeping talented aspiring professionals in the dark, all it takes is a simple letter of support to your congressional representative. Write to them NOW!

If you have a story to share, please e-mail me at and I will write to my congressmen and congresswoman on your behalf. You have my promise.


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