Posted by: Generación Latina | August 10, 2010

2010 Hispanic Youth Symposium Series

Have you ever had an intense experience that bonds you with individuals you might never get to meet or become close with?

Have you ever met so many inspiring people at once that it changed your life?

Have you ever seen vision, opportunity, potential, possibility, dreams and doors open for students who come to see success within their reach?

Outstanding leaders Estefany, Dalia, Chris & Missael


If you have, then you know what happens during four amazing days at the Hispanic Youth Symposium every summer across eight college campuses in Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

This college empowerment camp brings on 100-200 Latino high school students to a college campus for a collegiate experience that changes their lives.  Four packed days of workshops, team building activities, motivational acts by Latino leaders and the beloved comedian Ernie G. engage students to realize that college is possible, careers possibilities are endless, and that obstacles can be overcome- you don’t have to drop out, get pregnant, join a gang, and become another statistic.

Tita & Daniel - Leaders behind the Maryland Hispanic Youth Symposium


Generacion Latina supports the vision of the Hispanic Youth Symposium and this month we’ll be airing a two-part series featuring Maryland participants Estefany, Dalia, Chris and Missael.  During the second show, we discuss the perspective of volunteers and program leaders through the experience of a symposium champion and dedicated Latina leader since 2008- Tita Flores along with the HYS Director Daniel Sarmiento.  Both are an inspiration to me and the hundreds of students they have met over the years.

Daniel provided us with a great resource for scholarships (including financial resources for “Dream” students). Check it out!

To learn more about the HYS go to

Applications for the 2011 symposiums go live in December so stay tuned!!!




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