Posted by: Generación Latina | January 25, 2010


Spring is what I call deadline season. And that makes it one of the most stressful times of the year, especially when you are not prepared for what’s ahead—> FAFSA!!!

As I am working on an article about how to pay for college, I stumbled upon this PDF which may be helpful in terms of understanding the steps to complete the FAFSA application. I have noticed over the years that it has become less complicated to fill it out.  Maybe it’s just that I have done it so many times, I feels easier.

Either way! It’s worth trying to familiarize yourself early on before March comes around and the deadlines grow bigger and eat your brains in the middle of your sleep! Ok, that was a little bit too much, but come on- do you realize how horrible it feels to have missed the opportunity to get FREE MONEY to go to college? I do. I have missed a deadline or two in my day and you learn the lesson quick! So don’t let it happen to you. Go to and apply today!


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