Posted by: Generación Latina | July 13, 2009

Mexico lindo!

I never pass up an opportunity to travel, so when I got a call last Tuesday morning about attending the IAHMP conference in Zacatecas, Mexico I made a few calls and went home to pack. The, 24 hours later I was boarding on a flight to Mexico!
I hope these pictures bring you into my experience of Zacatecas.



  1. Carolina, It was a pleasure in meeting you too and hope you had a great trip. We enjoyed meeting you to and look forward in a long friendship. We did miss you Saturday and it felt like we lost a friend not having you thier. We too felt that our good buys were left empty. Un abrazo and beso was in order but, next time will hold each a little longer when we see each other. Also, Mary Ann and JR have both called me yesterday Monday and they both have very good words about you. See you in DC soon and we still want you to be part of our media summit in October, I mentioned this to Mary Ann, it will happen. Keep up the great smile and your eagarness in life and always remember who you are and it’s great being Latino.
    Tus Amigos,
    David Cortinas
    Marty Cortinas

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