Posted by: Generación Latina | October 16, 2008

College: Why Go

My colleagues passed on a great website about going to college. It is by students and for students and I highly recommend passing it on to any high school students you know.


What caught my attention are the reasons to go to college listed on the site. It’s not about just getting an education, there is so much more value found in that very pursuit. Here is what it says:

why go

It can make a huge difference in your life — and your family’s. More education can open doors of opportunity, financially and personally.
boost your earnings

more education = more opportunity

find your passion

endless possibilities

prove your potential

you can succeed

grow with help and support

don’t go it alone

lift your family

create a legacy of success

what to do

Preparing to go to college can seem complicated. But if you break it down, it’s easier to understand. Use these pages to plan and organize your path to college or other postsecondary (“after high school”) education:
find schools

make the best match

take the tests

tips and guidelines

apply for admission

improve your chance of success

start preparing now

it’s never too early, or too late

your college roadmap

get a customized desktop or poster

need more help?

additional resources

how to pay

The resources are out there. Check out what kind of financial help is available, and how you can get it:
get the basics

financial aid 101

learn what’s available

grants, scholarships, loans and more

be money smart

get the most bang for your buck

apply for federal student aid

fast track to FAFSA


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