Posted by: Generación Latina | August 28, 2008

5 going back to school tips

* Get a weekly calendar/agenda

Give it three weeks before your brain burns out if you try to keep your assignments and events all in your head. If you don’t like having to write everything down, I recommend the Google calendar!

*Connect with your network.
Seek fellow LOFT members, past HCF scholars and Youth Awardees as you develop your professional network. Remember that being a college student and a LOFT member puts you in a position of privilege so reach out to the younger students coming behind you so connect with them if you can via the LOFT Facebook group and/or starting your own virtual LOFT Chapter on Facebook such as LOFT:: Stanford or LOFT: University of Maryland

*Get a study buddy

Find a friend or two or more in every one of your classes. No, not someone to pass notes around but a study buddy for when finals roll around.  I’ve taken classes in which I haven’t talked to a single person all semester and others in which we form study groups for every test and final exam. Believe me, it makes a BIG difference. Group accountability is very effective and it makes studying a lot of fun!

*Explore resources on campus.
Don’t wait until your junior year to get to know the career center. Attend workshops and get to know the career counselors. The more the staff or faculty gets to know you by name, the more chances you have for “hook ups” or recommendations in the future.

*Get it done!
Procrastination is like a widespread disease for students. It may work for some but why undergo the stress if you can avoid it? Take on the hardest assignments first and communicate with your professors often during your progress. It will help you turn in sooner, having slept the night before and having met the professor’s expectations.


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