Posted by: Generación Latina | July 31, 2008

Our Issues, 2008:: Intro–> ECONOMY

As we usher into the last days of this hotly contested presidential campaign, we are making history. No, this time is not about the fact that Obama is the first African American to capture the Democratic presidential nomination, or that McCain, at 71, could be the oldest man to be inaugurated as president. It’s about young Latinos’ fast-growing political voting bloc. Did you know that according to UCLA’s School of Public Policy, 50,000 Hispanics turn 18 every month and 93% of them are eligible to vote? That is political power! We will represent 13.2% of the Latino vote in this election and like all voting blocs, we too are asking: Will we continue to spend more and more on gas? Graduate high school and afford college? Get jobs after graduation? Afford expensive health insurance? Expect deportation raids in our communities?

We want answers! And both Barack Obama and John McCain have their own opinions on each of the issues we care about: the economy, health care, immigration, education and the environment. Now don’t be swayed by the flowery speeches and the smearing ad campaigns. It’s your turn to compare and contrast and decide who will get your vote.


The problem: Rising gas prices, stagnant wages, rising unemployment, $9.5 trillion in national debt, a devalued dollar and the slow housing market are surely to put the economy as the top priority for almost all voters this election. Because of the slump in the construction industry, Hispanics lost nearly 250,000 jobs this past year and our unemployment rates are 2.2% higher than the national average which affects the money they can send to their home countries and the economy of these has also been affected. Gas prices are at an all-time high, affecting the cost of food and other essentials. In the meantime, while the problems continue to mount, the candidates have proposed…


  • Supports another stimulus package of $20 billion
  • Repeal the Bush Tax Cuts for households earning more than $250,000
  • Cut taxes by $80 billion a year for workers, homeowners and retirees
  • Provide $10 billion in relief for state and local governments hardest-hit by the housing crisis


  • Promotes drilling for oil off the U.S. coast
  • Suspend the federal gas tax, making each gallon cheaper by more than 15 cents
  • Balance the budget by 2013

Not convinced yet? Then join me in political engagement. Comment, opine, tell us who you want to vote for and why. And don’t forget to come back for Part II of this series “Our Issues” on Immigration.



  1. Carolina:
    I would like to add at least two issues to your list, specifically national and international security and the status of the U.S. among world governments. Out status in the world had fallen dramatically in the last 7 years because we have acted unilaterally and without considering how the American ideal can be implemented to help all countries enjoy the benefits of the 21st century. Second, we must realize that national and international security will never be assured by military means alone, but rather by winning the minds and hearts of the world’s population, including would-be terrorists. A foreign policy consistent with the American dream for all people of the world should be the cornerstone for this fight against terrorism.

    Solving the economic problem in the U.S. should be viewed mostly as a long-term issue. Those of you who know me know that I am a strong advocate for enabling our brightest young students to get a quality education, regardless of their origin or family resources. For me this is the basic foundation of making America a world economic leader and should be a focus of American economic policy. Another important factor is to make sure that businesses and investors in those businesses have an environment that allows them to make a decent profit and to implement their creativity withoust excessive governmental interference. The basis for this is that the health of the economy and the creator of jobs comes from healthy businesses.

    I appreciate the opportunity to exress my opinion. Carolina, you are a fabulous young lady and a never-ending source of amazement.

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