Posted by: Generación Latina | July 29, 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight

Our family looooves watching good movies.  I’ll admit it…I tend to fall asleep during many films. But my brother is an avid critic. He has an eye for quality films and is very familiar with the industry’s top directors, producers, musical composers and actors.

He is also a gifted writer and while I can’t get him to write for me (yet!), I did extract his review of the Dark Knight out of our chat conversation.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

Here are some of this critic’s thoughts:

The Dark Knight is nothing short of SOLID. It was serious and intense. It totally goes beyond a superhero movie, a crime drama wrapped in that superhero package.

The movie starts out with a bang, by showing you the Joker and his henchmen pull of a bank heist (entire sequence filmed on IMAX by the way) that almost equals a similar scene in Michael Mann’s crime epic “HEAT”. It’s in the same league, in terms of scope, seriousness of material, and cold calculation. It sets just the right mood for what’s to come.

The Joker is amazing. Heath Ledger deserves that Oscar. He is so creepy and disturbing.

The movie deals with some intense and completely relevant questions about how far one should go in order to pursue evil. It surprises you more than a few times.

Aaron Eckhart, from “Thank you for Smoking?” is Two-Face and superb in DK. He shows an awesome range of emotional expression. They show, pretty early on, how he gets his half of his face destroyed. And it’s pretty nasty though, how he ends up, I’m not gonna lie, it won’t be pretty. Though the movie is like 2.5 hours long, it involves you so completely (the Joker has a lot of material) and the story just becomes more compelling.  It takes you to newer places,  it’s so fast-paced, that you don’t even feel it. While it does pack a lot in, it handles it well and it really puts you through a lot…you’ll come out feeling beaten up almost, but it’s so satisfying!

While my brother caught the film last night in the UK sitting next to our dear Professor Sen, I will get my turn this weekend on IMAX. Can’t wait!!!!


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