Posted by: Generación Latina | July 28, 2008


Young Latinos are about to Crash the Parties during this election! After 200 hundred aspiring reporters and politicos entered their online video, 40,000 people voted for the contestant they wanted to represent them at the Democratic or Republican National Convention. Last week on Capitol Hill SiTV and VotoLatino announced the two reporters to attend the conventions. And they are….(drum roll)….

Michael Monrroy and Wendy Carrillo, SiTV reporter for the RNC and DNC

Michael Monrroy and Wendy Carrillo, SiTV reporter for the RNC and DNC. Photo Credits: David Hathcox

While I am totally excited for both of them as young Latinos to represent our generation and our issues during the conventions, I must admit I am biased. My votes went to Michael Monrroy. He is not only local and a part of our Hispanic Heritage Foundation familia but a fellow Eagle at American University. Good luck Michael! You are on to an amazing experience so early in your career!

Here is a short Biography:

  • Michael Monrroy, age 18, of Sterling, Virginia.
  • Born in Arlington, Virginia.
  • Parents from Bolivia and Colombia.
  • Former graduate of Park View High School, in Sterling Park, Loudoun County.
  • Former Hispanic Heritage Foundation Youth Award Winner for the Washington DC area.
  • Current undergraduate sophomore at the American University in Washington DC.
  • Majoring in political science and business.
  • Aspires to one day run for Congress and the U.S. Senate.

I his own words:

I have won the SiTV presents Crash the Parties with Voto Latino national contest!

Yesterday, I was in Washington DC all day. In the morning, I received professional press training, and was mentored by CNN’s famous anchor Rick Sanchez, and later in the day, I was honored in a ceremony on Capitol Hill where I was introduced by actress Rosario Dawson to a packed room full of media, congressman, political celebrities, and people who supported me in this contest.

I gave an acceptance speech, was interviewed by the Washington Post, CNN, Roll Call and various other media outlets.

In addition, CNN is flying me out to their studio headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia for a whole day.

Also, SiTV is currently shooting a documentary about the contest. A camera man from SiTV followed me around all day today as I took him to places around DC including American University and the Capitol.



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