Posted by: Generación Latina | July 28, 2008

Endless Possibilities

Once again I had the opportunity to rave about my experience at Montgomery College. I realize it was a very unique experience as I was selected to be a part of the Montgomery Scholars Program, however, the college community, the professors and the classes offered broadened my horizons. I met my college buddies for life, learned from their international perspectives and gained experiences usually reserved for upper classmen at 4-year institutions.


  • Trip to Harper’s Ferry
  • Studying Philosophy, Music, Literature and History from 4 professors in a single lesson twice a week
  • Philo Cafes: Friday afternoon tea parties discussing philosophy at the professor’s house
  • Salsa nights every Friday with Rachel, Ezequiel and Alison.
  • Living it up for a summer at the University of Cambridge, England. Classes and lectures were amazing, but learned as much or more outside of class, meeting people from around the world and traveling.
  • Bringing our professors out clubbing with us!
  • Traveling with my buddies to Austria, Italy, Spain and France. Weekends in London were unforgettable!
  • Capstone: Research thesis on Amazonian politics of oil titled AMAZON GLOBALIZED:: Winners or losers of globalization: Ecuador’s Oil Giants v. Indigenous movements
  • Winning the regional Beacon Conference with my Capstone

…and so much more! I miss my family of scholars. You will all remain in my heart always and forever.


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