Posted by: Generación Latina | July 16, 2008

July, a month of journalistic initiation

All these writing projects began to rain on me this July. I went from writing an article every two months for Buena Gente to now holding four and potentially five writing projects, it’s almost overwhelming but of course I can’t be more excited yet scared! It’s scary especially because I’m not even looking and I’ve already begun to spread myself out too thin. Oh well, that’s the story of my life right?

Yesterday felt like when you are laying at the beach. The overwhelming heat takes you towards the water and it looks amazingly blue, clear, and refreshing (well, not if you at in Ocean City!). You want to go in but you know the moment you let an inch of your body feel the water, it’ll be painfully cold. Yet, you gotta go through that shock moment in order to fully enjoy the water. Well, in a similar way, I have learned that to get to where I want to be professionally, I need some hard core print reporting experience. The problem is that I don’t love writing as much as I love…say…networking! hehe. So I was just kinda circling around the idea that I needed to do this sooner than later and start out solidly in my career. Today, as these opportunities were knocking my door all at once, I was entering the cold waters…for the first time, the responsibilities of a print journalist were beginning to dawn on me and I could not believe it…it was happening before my eyes.

Two opportunities landed in my path and because I am still busy, these would only be on a basis of freelance writing. Motivos Magazine is a GO, with a deadline in two weeks and CHCI interns to manage for quotes then translate the text for the mag…ouch! That’s a biggie on its own.

Then, I heard that El Tiempo Latino is looking for writers so I will approach them in August probably after I get a chance to breathe from July. And finally, I’ve yet to begin my cover story which is due only 5 days before the Motivos spread on the political issues and the candidates.

And that is everything excluding some exciting ideas the Director of Communications at MC and I got to brainstorm this morning on possibly doing a show in Spanish on Campus Conversations for the school I miss and love with all my heart- Harvard on the Pike.

Very exciting days to say the least!!! Now, it’s time to get this started.


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