Posted by: Generación Latina | July 14, 2008

I can’t believe that…

I cannot believe I just spent the last 45 minutes figuring out my budget to realize that for every hour I work, I pay $2 in taxes!!! Bare with me because I just need to vent before I come to realize taxes are a good thing after all.

My math tells me that I only make 85% of my wages!!! This is crazy because I recently had a wage increase, which now feels like it basically made up for the money I was losing before the increase.

So….every hour, $2.04 that I worked are going into:

  • Federal withholding
  • Social Security
  • Medicare

And you know what bothers me the most…SOCIAL SECURITY! I’m paying into a system that will collapse. Unless the system is reformed, I’m not even going to see this money when I retire. Because it’s not being invested in the future but rather, it is used to pay off current debt.


So now I’m going to shift gears and acknowledge that I live in the “land of opportunities” that has enabled me to accomplish many of my dreams and more. The streets are clean, it’s a pleasant society for the most part, it supports public education and a relatively effective government. For these vague and many more reasons, I can’t really complain. There is a price we have to pay to have it this good here in good ol’ US of A and 15% of my paycheck is my share.



  1. Before you write off Social Security, please realize that it also is disability and survivors insurance, not just a retirement fund. And to make sure that your tax dollars (including social security) are used primarily to pay for what you as a taxpayer really need requires that you take an activist role with your government representatives and with your peer group. /But I know that you are an activist, so I am just telling you what you already know.

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