Posted by: Generación Latina | July 14, 2008

Good morning, this is NPR and you are listening to….ME!!!!

Amid the non-stop chatter of Latino professionals I found my way into a large room that waited upon Sen. John McCain who was to make a speech before the LULAC conference just a few hours before Sen. Barack Obama delivered his.

How did I get in? My supa-star buddy, past DC Youth Awardee and fellow AU eagle, Michael Monrroy, is not only a McCain volunteer but recently won the most votes on “Crash the Parties” and will represent young Latinos by reporting at the Republican National Convention for SiTV.

Yep, it’s all about the hookup! It’s about who you know and if used to your advantage (always giving back of course!) then you are set for the DC scene. So I’m there looking for a place to sit, all tables seemed reserved and full and just when I least expected it someone offered the Comcast or WalMart tables. Meaning the corporate sponsor tables!!!! So I got to seat up front, about 15 feet away from the speakers.

His speech was basic, touched on the same old topics that are of concern for Latinos but he also mentioned a couple of things that resonated with me such as a comprehensive immigration reform that would be just and would prioritize those who have been waiting in line for the residency (such as my family did, waiting five years before immigrating here). I won’t go into these details since I was quite distracted texting others about how cool it was to be there and shake McCain’s hand after the speech.

So as soon as I left the room I encountered what seemed like an endless line of reporters and camera crew hungry for reactions and feedback from the speech. En este momento fue en el que me encontre en mi papayal 🙂

First, a newswire reporter asked a few questions, then WAMU 88.5!! ABC News and World Report was next…I had my 30 seconds of fame in front of the camera and just when I thought the interviews were over, Mara Liasson from NPR, my daily source of news, caught me for questions. I was in my element as you may imagine. I had my sound bites ready, told them I was undecided. I had voted for Obama during the primaries but I was lured by his movement and personality. My issues: immigration, economy, education, social security… and then my brilliant sound bite that made it to their Morning Edition the next morning: “I like Obama with my heart but I like McCain with my head”!

I left the Hilton with an erupting grin, eager to call my mom, JR and my PR colleagues. It was the best day this year thus far!

Next morning I tuned into NPR as I do every morning but this time around I did not listen out for the weather and the breaking news, instead I heard myself and that made my day! 🙂

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