Posted by: Generación Latina | July 5, 2008

Next stop….Latin America

What are the chances that on your last vacation, you’re flight back is overbooked and you volunteer to stay and extra night, all expenses paid and get a $400 voucher!!? Well, it sure happened to us. And when we came back to the airport they asked again and we simply took the next flight…gaining yet another voucher!! That’s right: $800 worth to fly to any hub of Copa Airlines in Latin America.

Right away we thought: Rio de Janeiro! if not, Buenos Aires. But those are increasingly more expensive. One day before going to Dulles to make the transaction, it actually flipped around and it looks like Rio would be a cheaper flight.

Second tier destinations include Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Venezuela. Which will it be!? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if all goes as planned.

Winter 2008-2009 here we come!!!!!


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