Posted by: Generación Latina | July 2, 2008

Liberacion de Ingrid Betancourt

CNN video

Hoy, 2 de Julio, es un dia verdaderamente historico. Hace seis anos, la ex-candidata presidencial en Colombia, Ingrid Betancourt, fue secuestrada por las FARC. Hoy, Ingrid es una mujer libre. Con ella, 3 militares estadunidences y 11 policiales colombianos.

My heart goes out to Ingrid given what she has gone through. While in captivity, she was raped, had a sonProof of Life picture and at only three years of age he was found in terrible condition. I anticipate she will rise to international Mandela-like stature and influence. The next Peace in Colombia Spokeswoman or UN Ambassador to Colombia and even run for the presidency again. US-Colombia ties will grow even stronger with her connections to the 3 American contractors. God-willing, the end of las FARC is near.


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